@uwshls PhD Student Shortlisted for @Nutreco Prize

Guillermo Bardera, a PhD student based in our School has been shortlisted for the prestigious Nutreco Young Researchers Prize.

Guillermo’s research, which is one of three proposals to be shortlisted out of a total of 55 submissions from across the globe, is guaranteed an award. At Nutreco’s Global R&D meeting in the Netherlands on 9th and 10th June he will discover if he has secured first, second or third place and won either €12,000, €8,000 or €5,000 respectively.

Nutreco, an international leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed, is awarding this inaugural prize to the most promising research by PhD and post-doctoral students working globally across animal, aquaculture and veterinary sciences.

Guillermo’s research focuses on the development of novel attractants for commercial diets in shrimp farming to solve feeding problems. Along with supervisors Dr Mhairi Alexander, Professor Jose Alcaraz-Calero & Professor Kath Sloman, he designed a protocol using tracking software that provides a fast, reliable method for assessing the attraction of Litopenaeus vannamei (the Pacific white shrimp or King Prawn), to novel diets. Future work will now test this automated protocol under commercial conditions.

Guillermo said: “I am delighted that my PhD research has been recognised in this way and that I have been shortlisted for the Nutreco Young Researchers Prize.”