@uwshls Staff Contribute to New Dementia Care Textbook

During April, Routledge Press released a new book, the “Textbook of Dementia Care: An Integrated Approach” which was not only edited by two members of the School staff but also contains significant contributions by a number of the staff from within the School and the Alzheimer Centre for Policy and Practice which is based within the school at the Lanarkshire Campus.

Edited by Emeritus Alzheimer Scotland Professor  of Dementia Care Graham Jackson  and Alzheimer Scotland  Professor of Dementia and Director of the Alzheimer Centre for Policy and Practice Debbie Tolson, the book provides an overview of dementia care at a level appropriate to health and social care students, as well as providing an update to experienced practitioners. While directed primarily at a nursing and social care readership, the book also provides a readable general text appropriate for all involved in dementia care. It is written by expert practitioners in the field, many of whom are leaders in practice-based research.

Congratulations for successful publication are also due to Dr Margaret Brown and Dr Barbara Sharp and Dr Louise Ritchie and Dr Anna Jack-Waugh, who are all associated with the Alzheimer Scotland Centre; Raymond Duffy, who is a Postgraduate Lecturer and Dr. Sam Quinn, who is a Social Care researcher. They are both based in our Lanarkshire Campus. Congratulations are also due to Dr Robert Boyd, a lecturer in Mental Health and Dr Bryan Mitchell, a lecturer in Integrated Health and Social Care who are both at our Paisley Campus.


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