UWS Mediation Service Launches Today!

The UWS Mediation Service launches on the 30th of September and will be available to all UWS staff and students.

Mediation is a highly successful form of early dispute resolution. It involves an impartial third party, a ‘Mediator’, supporting the members of staff or students in dispute to have a facilitated discussion and to reach agreement on a way forward. Our mediators are trained members of UWS staff from across the University, who were selected in a competitive process earlier this year. Mediation is a voluntary process and will only take place if both parties agree to participate. Individuals can request mediation or referrals can be made via People & Organisational Development, the recognised trade unions of the University, Student Administration and SAUWS. Our guides for staff and students are attached, providing further information on what the process involves.

You and your teams can find out more about the UWS Mediation Service and when it might be beneficial by visiting our page on the UWS website, emailing us at Mediation@uws.ac.uk or by attending one of the following information sessions:

Paisley Campus: Monday 30th September, 9.30 – 11am, Brough Committee Room

Ayr Campus: Wednesday 2nd October, 9.30 – 11am, Committee Room 2

Lanarkshire Campus: Thursday 3rd October, 9.30 – 11am, Meeting Room 2.2.10