@uwshls Professor Appointed to the Board of @ObsSportScot

Having previously chaired their Research Advisory Group Professor Richard Davison has been appointed to the board of the Observatory for Sport in Scotland (OSS) as Treasurer. 

The OSS is Scotland’s only independent think-tank for sport and exists to help stakeholders across Scotland increase sport participation for every person in Scotland, irrespective of age, ability, background and geography. The OSS commissions and uses high-quality scientific research around sport, recreation and movement to identify problems and trends, fill knowledge gaps and educate. They provide platforms for discussion and debate, which enable people to come together and shape sustainable solutions for a more active culture for all in Scotland. They also work with national and local government, sport bodies and with many partners across communities to enhance the quality of practice and policy, to increase and widen participation, and improve the health and well-being of the Scottish population now and through future generations. 

Professor Davison said “Having been involved with OSS since its inception it’s a great honour to join the board and strengthen links between UWS and OSS”