Last Day for Cohort 10 #DementiaChampions

Yesterday was the final day of training for Cohort 10 of Scotland’s National Dementia Champions programme.

The National Dementia Champions programme, which is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by our School in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland, which has been honoured in the UK’s Best Breakthroughs list for its pioneering work in teaching qualified healthcare and social care professionals to become change agents in dementia care.

A Dementia Champion is a health and social care professional that has completed an intensive eight-month, UWS-led programme which teaches participants to see, hear and feel the experiences of people living with dementia through working closely with them, their carers and their families. It enables the professionals to take the practical knowledge they have learned and share it to make a real difference in their everyday work, whether that is in hospital wards or in community care settings.

The programme, which is unique to UWS and informed by ground-breaking research undertaken by the University, has had a transformational impact on the knowledge and skills of the participants. When cohort 10 complete their training later this year the number of Champions who have completed @uwshls will be over 1,000

We would like to thanks to everyone involved in this fantastic partnership @SSSCnews @alzscot @NHS_Education @UniWestScotland @FionaCMcQueen @scotgov and the 1000 plus “champions” for continuing to make a difference for everyone with Dementia in Scotland who is in contact with health and social care services