Mathématiques sans Frontières 2019 @UniWestScotland

On Friday 21st June, we welcomed the top ten teams from schools across Scotland in this year’s Mathématiques sans Frontières prize-giving.
Mathématiques sans Frontières is an annual international mathematics competition for schoolchildren, centrally run by the Académie de Strasbourg since 1989.

The interclass competition involves a number of mathematical puzzles where one of the puzzles is posed, and must be answered, in a foreign language. The competition was originally devised to open borders between France and her neighbouring countries, between mathematics and modern languages, and between students of all abilities within the same classroom. It promotes an interest in mathematics, teamwork, full class participation, problem solving, and the practice of a foreign language.
Fourteen countries from across the world competed this year. The competition consisted of 10 questions (for Junior entries) or 13 questions (for Senior entries). It welcomed 79 entries from 43 different schools across Scotland (and one from England), almost double the number from 2018.
At the prize-giving, held at the new Lanarkshire Campus, the top teams were tested once again with various mathematical puzzles, before Dr Alan Walker gave a short talk on possible careers using Mathematics. 

Last year, Kilmarnock’s Grange Academy won the competition, and they submitted four teams this year in order to try to retain the title. Their senior team managed to do so, with Robert Gordon’s College (Team: RGCAP) and Girvan Academy coming second and third respectively. In the Junior competition, Wellington School topped the charts, with the Grange Academy (Team: 3M1) and Caldervale High School close on their heels.

The outright winner of this year’s competition was the Grange Academy Senior team, who managed to score an incredible 100%, which is the first time this has been achieved in Scotland. As well as retaining their title and shield for the year, they were rewarded by a full day visit from the Happy Puzzle Company ( ).