@uwshls Hosts Two #GlaSciFest! Events in June

Our School is hosting two events in June for local school pupils, giving them an insight into how scientific research impacts and influences people’s daily lives.  The events, which are free to attend, are being delivered as part of the Glasgow Science Festival.

‘Stunning Science @ UWS’ takes place at Paisley Campus on Thursday 6th June and ‘Smashing Science @ UWS’ wil take place at Lanarkshire Campus on Thursday 13th June.  Both events run from 4-7pm. Attendees at the Lanarkshire Campus event are invited to stay on for the Inaugural Lecture by Professor Chris Easton, Professor of Exercise Physiology, entitled ‘NO Limits: Transforming Nutrition to Improve Sports Performance in Extreme Environments’ which takes place from 7.10pm.

Both events will see participants carry out experiments with enthusiastic researchers and find out how science makes a difference to the world in forensics, health, sport and much more.

At the Paisley Campus event guests can meet marine creatures; find out about misbehaving bones, make their own fingerprint keyring; create their own lung; take a scientific look at bubbles, slime and dry ice; fit the organs; and much more.

At the Lanarkshire Campus event there will be the opportunity to meet mini-beasts; see inside your blood vessels; find out how high you can jump; play scientific snakes and ladders; learn CPR; listen to your own heart; explore your senses; and a host of other exciting things.

Colleagues are encouraged to come along with family and friends and promote these events to anyone who might be interested.

You can register for the events at the links below or simply drop in on the day: https://stunningscience2019.eventbrite.co.uk  for Paisley.

and  https://smashingscience2019.eventbrite.co.uk  for Lanarkshire.

To find out more about the Glasgow Science Festival visit