@AlzScotCPP Staff Commence Community Research in India

Researchers from the Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice (ASCPP) at UWS are currently in India, beginning research to explore the experience of people with dementia and their family carers including addressing issues related to advanced dementia-related elder abandonment and abuse.

With some 4 million people diagnosed with dementia, there is an urgent need within India to develop dementia education aligned with the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals.  Advanced dementia within India is a hidden problem which places individuals, and their sometimes young carers, at high risk of poverty and other inequalities.

There is an immediate need to develop practical and theoretical understanding among practitioners, policy decision-makers and the public about advanced dementia, alongside an understanding of advanced dementia-related abuse and abandonment.

The ASCPP team will do this by undertaking a rapid review of research literature and local data, supplemented by community-based focus groups with key stakeholders, the evidence from which will be used as a starting point to co-create a design brief to adapt the UWS Class In A Bag education resources for adults and children.

This will provide an important platform for further funding applications to build and test several versions of Class In A Bag India (both low tech portable versions and technology-enabled digital versions).

Professor Debbie Tolson said

“We are delighted to have secured UWS-GCRF monies to pump-prime this important international research collaboration, which extends the reach of our advanced-dementia research and dementia pedagogical research. Today’s Public Symposium is an important example of community engagement in research which demonstrates the commitment of UWS and Manipal Academy of Higher Education India (University of Manipal) to impactful and collaborative scholarship”

Dr Anna Jack-Waugh & Dr Louise Ritchie are involved in keynote sessions in the Public Symposium, where films of two additional talks by Professor Tolson (Nursing Matters and Advanced Dementia: A Call To Action) will be shown.

Dr Jack-Waugh’s session is about Dementia Education for Practice and Dr Ritchie’s keynote is about Dementia Education for People and there has already been some media coverage about this in India


An MOU that has already been signed for UWS by our Provost, Professor Steve Olivier, which will be formalised and witnessed by Dr Jack-Waugh and Dr Ritchie at a formal ceremony, when another short film ‘Cup of Friendship’ by Professor Tolson will be shown.

Dr Louise Ritchie said:

“In our five days here, we have engaged with family carers, faculty members, students, the university executive team and local organisations. The work of ASCPP at UWS has been enthusiastically received and we look forward to the rest of our trip being as productive”