Health, Science and Society Debates

UWS students and staff are invited to the first in the University’s new Debate Series – ‘Health, Science and Society’ at UWS Paisley Campus on Wednesday 22nd May.
Pupils from Park Mains High School in Erskine will debate three topics under the banner of ‘Health, Science and Society’. The proposed topics are:
“We should welcome the advent of Stem Cell research.”
“The death penalty is justified for those convicted of committing mass murder.”
“Protecting the public from terrorism should come before civil liberties.”
Each debate will last around 20 minutes and the audience will then be asked to vote on which arguments were the most convincing and a winner declared.
The debate will be chaired by Tom McEwan, Lecturer from the School of Health and Life Sciences.
Universities have a responsibility to instil curiosity in their staff and students and support lively and passionate scholarly debate.  With the ethical and moral challenges facing our local and global communities, a university should provide a safe space for such debate and discussion, fostering a healthy scepticism and preparing individuals to become moral agents in the future.
The UWS Debate Series aims to enable this ambition by inviting local school pupils to engage with UWS academics and researchers to explore contemporary and contentious topics in a supportive and safe environment.