MSc Leading People-centred Integrated Care: an Update

Seven students have started their second term in our new integrated care focused Masters programme. See MSc Leading People-centred Integrated Care

Here are some reflections on Term 1, from Rhiannon Rhiannon Pitt, Area Manager South, NHS Highland who is one of the participating students and is pictured above

I began the MSc In September 2018 having been searching for a postgraduate course relevant to my work as an Area Manager in NHS Highland managing integrated health and social care services for adults through a lead agency model, a unique partnership model in Scotland.

I was keen to be able to both apply my learning on a practical level to my work and use my work experiences to contribute to the academic body of work on Integrated Care. I had previously completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Integrated Service Improvement: Health and Social Care in 2016.

I have been surprised and enthused by the amount of new research and writing on Integrated Care since I last studied. Participating in the course has given me insight into the context and constructs of integrated care enabling me to identify and focus on the aims of integrated care in the developments I am leading in the workplace. It has also helped me to communicate them to those I am leading and influencing. I have gained in confidence in encouraging debate into the ways of achieving those aims in the knowledge of the diversity of approaches there are to achieving Integrated Care.

I have also gained confidence in managing the uncertainty for me and others involved in developing and delivering integrated care through collaborative and innovative approaches. It is an exciting time to be involved in Integrated Care and I look forward to expanding my knowledge further, participating in the debate and contributing to the evidence base for Integrated Care over the next 3 years.

As the MSc programme develops it clear that our School is creating a spiral curriculum from Levels 8 – 11 that can be readily applied to cross-sectoral education on integrated care, either as part of the formal programmes we run at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It is also possible for us to deliver CPD or update sessions across all levels of staff on topics of interest to integrated care staff. If you wish more details about the programme or CPD opportunities contact the programme leader