Thanks to All Our Generous Elves from @TrussellTrust

For at least the last 3 years, the School’s staff at Paisley and Lanarkshire, have carried out a Christmas Collection for the foodbanks local to both of the campuses

Our staff wanted to give something back to people living in the areas local to the Campuses, who were experiencing financial hardship. So they try and collect prior to each block of school holidays, as The Trussell Trust inform us that these periods can be challenging for families particularly.

This year our staff has been very generous.

The aim of both foodbanks is to provide an emergency supply of at least three days worth of meals to individuals and families who find themselves struggling to put food on the table in times of economic crisis.

During 2017/18; 5,169 three day emergency food supplies were provided to local people in crisis by Hamilton District Foodbank alone.  Of this number 1,809 went to children.

A big thanks you to all the Elves that donated and the Trussel Trust have also thanked us for your thoughtfulness and generosity.