At the Santa Dash, Glasgow

On Sunday 9th December 2018, Glasgow’s George Square looked resplendent in the sunshine.

Evelyn Mohammed a Midwifery Lecturer at UWS was there with her running friends “The Strathaven Stunners”. Along for the run came canine correspondent Chase (Evelyn’s cockerpoo), who was also was dressed for the occasion. The atmosphere was fantastic as around 8,500 Santas took to the streets of Glasgow to raise funds for The Beatson Oncology Centre.  St. Vincent Street was awash with red as the massive red ribbon of Santas wrapped their way around Glasgow. The top of St Vincent Street gave way to a lovely downhill spurt. As they approached Finneston they were met by the voices of The Salvation Army raising the festive spirits as many Santa’s joined in. Left turn at Finneston down to the Clydeside, the Stunners must have been on form as they overtook a few other Santas (not that they are competitive or anything).

However Chase the dog seemed to be stealing the show as he was high fived (pawed) by a number of adults and children who just wanted to take him home. Left turn into Oswald Street and there was more singing at the top of the street; the dash was becoming a bit more competitive as a few young Santas ran past our troops. Under the Heilan’mans Umbrella along Argyle Street and the Christmas shoppers were cheering and waving the Santas on.

Last left turn, into Queen Street and you could hear the roar of the crowd and almost smell (The Bacon Rolls), the finish line. Right Turn and there was the end with Brian Burnett of Radio Scotland announcing our arrival. Across the Finish Line and Glasgow’s Lady Provost is waiting; a photograph with her and a few yards later an interview with STV. How more exciting can it get!

Evelyn’s group ran the dash in 31 minutes and £130 collected in sponsorship so far. Thanks to all who contributed. If you want to donate to the Beatson’s Charity click HERE