UWS Student Features in BBC Report on Seeking Mental Health Support at University


The BBC is reporting today on concerns that the number of university students in Scotland seeking support for mental health issues has increased by two-thirds over the last five years. The BBC asked universities across Scotland for the numbers of students seeking some form of support. It found more than 11,700 students asked for help in 2016-17 compared with about 7,000 in 2012-13.

One of the students that the BBC have interviewed for their report was UWS student Connor Smith who was in his third year studying computer games development at the University of the West of Scotland when his close friend, who was also a student, took his own life.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Connor for his participation and his acknowledgement of the value of coming forward to seek help from the University Counselling Team which you can find out about by CLICKING HERE

You can also make use of  SilverCloud a programme that gives you secure, immediate access to interactive CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) modules designed to be motivational. If you are a UWS student you access it anywhere on your computer, tablet or mobile. To learn more CLICK HERE

Universities have recognised There is a growth in demand for mental health support over the last decade, in part, because the reality of studying in the UK has changed. Many students are balancing work, study and caring responsibilities. With student debt increasing and the job market remaining very competitive, students feel they have to achieve, perhaps more so than before.

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If you are struggling with your own mental health, you can also contact: