SIMBA kiltwalk

I am a new Midwifery Lecturer in the School Of Health And Life Sciences. My passion and speciality in Midwifery is Early Pregnancy and I have maintained a close connection to my clinical work.

On the 16th September this year, I am joining a team of Midwives and Nurses who work at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS) in the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow, to take part in the ‘Mighty Stride’ 24mile Kiltwalk in Edinburgh. We are participating in this great event to raise funds for the charity SiMBA.

EPAS cares for women and families who are experiencing problems in the first 17 weeks of their pregnancy. Sadly 1 in 4 pregnancies result in miscarriage.

The charity SiMBA together with the funds we raise by participating in the Kiltwalk (24Miles) will go towards redecorating our counselling rooms within the EPAS department. It will also help us to provide memory boxes for families who sadly experience pregnancy loss.

We have a close bond with SiMBA – we are inspired by the work and ongoing support they provide to women and families in our care. We hope to raise as much money as possible to help SiMBA to continue their good work and support.

Any donation you can contribute to this great cause would be fantastic. Thank you so much in advance from myself and the EPAS team for your generosity, it really means a lot, to us and all the families who will benefit.

You can donate by clicking the link below.

Please note: for every £1 donated the Hunter Foundation will add an extra £0.40. So, if £100 is raised, £140 will be donated to SiMBA.