A warm welcome to our new 2018 Midwifery Cohort.

Watch out- the midwives have arrived at the UWS Lanarkshire Campus!

After the successful transition of the two midwifery teams to our new campus we are delighted to welcome our first Lanarkshire cohort for 2018. Cohort Leaders Evelyn and Connor have been taking great care of our new recruits who enjoyed their freshers fare yesterday with Tim Horton’s Timbits and Domino’s pizza to name just a few of the tasty treats on offer. The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) also had the opportunity to meet with the class to discuss their role within the profession.

The rest of the team look forward to working with the new students over the coming years, especially when they are as smiley, happy and well behaved as this!

Welcome to our profession and Good Luck!