Call the Midwives Millport Style!

Millport 2018

Continuing to encourage healthy minds and healthy bodies about 80 midwifery students joined midwifery lecturers for the annual cycle round Millport…affectionally termed ‘Springfest’.

The damp weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the students and staff who took up many varying forms of transport for the Millport Scavenger Treasure Hunt. The winners were called ‘Madwife Crisis’ with the best team name being awarded to the ‘Anterior Fornix’. A great day was had by all, which started with brunch in the Ritz café to get fuelled up before the cycle! Not forgetting the usual find the ‘triangle’ on the table, which challenges everyone! The cycle was great as the weather started to clear so crocodile, lion and indian rock were all easy to photograph as part of the Scavenger Treasure Hunt. Not forgetting a stop to get a light refreshment at the Fintry Bay Café followed by Karaoke in the Twa Dugs where the award ceremony was held. Last but not least once all safely back on the mainland a fish and chip tea in Largs. All in all, a fantastic day with some sore legs and derrières from the cycling but an array of fantastic memories for all midwifery students and staff! Another successful Springfest at Millport…roll on next year!

Congratulations to to all the Midwifery team on their 100% for student satifaction in the NSS 2017-18.