Local Charities Benefit from Caird Building Move to @UWSLanarkshire

So now that the staff are in the new UWS Lanarkshire Campus, what happened to the things we left behind?

We negotiated to deliver all our donations of electrical items/crockery etc. into the Salvation Army Shop on Bellshill Main Street and following our #nhsscot70 celebration on the 18th. of July all our food donations went to a local foodbank.

So what did we leave behind? On Saturday 28th July 2018, we delivered

  • 18 kettles
  • 11 cafetieres
  • 1 fridge
  • 1 coffee machine
  • 7 lamps/desk lamps
  • 8 fans
  • 1 pair hair straighteners (Really?)
  • 4 microwaves
  • 1 electric heater
  • 5 pictures/ frames + 1 umbrella + 4 Christmas trees + 1 thermos flask (not quite electrical…but definitely worth donating)

The manager of the charity shop commented that she would arrange to have the items PAT tested urgently, as the items would ‘fly off the shelves of the shop’.

There is more to follow including over 200 mugs and 250 peices of cutlery. including 50 teaspoons! (Where were they hiding?)

The Caird Building is still in use for another month so the items remaining to keep the building operational will be donated at a later date. Perhaps not surprisingly the charity shop is overwhelmed, extremely grateful and running out of storage space.

Regarding the Foodbank donation we gave away around ‘40kg’ of goods…and they gave us a  special thanks for the lovely cakes contained within the donation. Many thanks to Hazel Shepherd who co-ordinated the uplift of all donations for the foodbank, and Claire Chalmers for dealing with the Salvation Army Shop and the rest of the committee involved in clearing the Caird, Mhairi Kidd; James Taylor and Angela Dow.