Last week in Athens


If you follow our Newsletter you will know that we have been keeping in touch with two of our student midwives, Sarah and Lauren who travelled to Greece to volunteer with refugee women in Athens over the last three weeks.

In their blog this week they discuss working with the midwives who work for the Charity Amurtel who they are placed with.  They highlight that at Amurtel the majority of the refugee women who attend for their first midwife appointment are booking significantly later in pregnancy, many over 20 weeks pregnant.

There may be many reasons for this. They may have been receiving prenatal care elsewhere, they may not have been aware of Amurtel’s services previously and some are living in camps hours away from the city meaning the journey to reach midwifery services can be long and difficult, particularly if they already have children.

The girls remind us that at the antenatal clinic it is easy to forget for a moment about the conditions which these women are surviving in. As refugees food is often in short supply and of limited variety and nutritional value. There is a lack of cool air and ventilation where they live which can make the heat and heaviness of their pregnancy difficult to bear. Often they have limited access to hot running water and proper sanitation all make for grim living conditions for anyone but particularly those who are pregnant and worrying about the risks to their unborn child.

If you want to find out more about what the students are doing and about the charity they are working with visit their Blog at

We look forward to welcoming the girls back to Scotland next week. Fantastic job both of you.