Congratulations from All @uwshealth to our Recent Doctoral and Masters Research Graduates

In amongst all the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Graduations that took place across all the Campuses last week a small group of Doctoral students  and Masters in Research students from within our school completed their theses and have now been awarded their titles.

We would like to offer our congratulations to all on completing their sterling work and wish them all the best in their careers going into the future.

The following students were awarded Doctorates:

  • Nina Reitis, who worked at distance from the University on her thesis entitled  Independent Midwifery in Germany.
  • Fatene Ismail, who was based at our Hamilton Campus on her thesis entitled Point of Care Lactate Measurement in Patients with Sepsis.
  • Bryan Mitchell,  who was based at our Hamilton Campus on his thesis  Exploring the Contribution of Complementary Therapies with Care Home Residents with Advanced Dementia.
  • Aisling McBride, who was based at our Hamilton Campus on her thesis Dignity in Delirium: An Appreciative inquiry About the Relational Experiences of Care.
  • Edel Roddy, who was based at our Hamilton Campus on her thesis “Humans of Inspection”: Enhancing the Experience of Inspection in Care Homes, From the Perspective of all Involved, Using Appreciative Inquiry.
  • Eleanor Townsend, who was based at our Paisley Campus on her thesis Wound models of Mixed Species Biofilms.
  • Elaine Stevens, a postgraduate lecturer on our Paisley Campus on her thesis, Exploring the outcomes of a Traditional Model of Specialist Palliative Day Services on Attendee Quality of Life, Well-being and Mood: A Mixed Methods Study.

The following Masters in Research (MRes) students also received their awards last week

  • Margaret Harkins, based at the Paisley Campus, whose thesis was entitled:  A Study To Explore If Making Data More Meaningful For Nurses Can Improve Quality Of Care.
  • Susan Frew also based at the Paisley Campus whose thesis was entitled Assessing The Impact Of First Steps Programme Participation On Mothers, Babies And Children.

Next step of course for all of you who successfully completed is to get your work published and out into the public domain. Good luck with this!

PS. If any of our graduands not featured in the pictures above would like photos from your graduation added to this post, just e-mail the photofile to