Launch of the LIFE Programmes

The launch of LIFE programmes will take place at the University of the West of Scotland Paisley campus on Tuesday 24th July (10am-2pm). Click here to register

 The LIFE programmes aim to support people to develop positive caring cultures in housing, health and social care, as well as, other educational and practice-oriented public service contexts. Click below to see a video with more information about the programmes.




The essence of the LIFE programmes is to value Learning and Innovating from Everyday Excellence (LIFE) as an approach to bringing about transformational change. The underpinning conceptual framework for the LIFE programmes has been generated and researched over a number of years in a wide range of settings.  The framework encompasses using Appreciative Inquiry and Caring Conversations to promote relationship-centred and evidence-informed practice.  This approach has been recognised nationally and internationally through the work of the My Home Life programme and other practice development initiatives which aim to promote sustainable, positive culture change.

For those who currently or previously have been involved with these programmes, this event is a chance to connect with and celebrate this new phase in the LIFE journey. For those who are new to the LIFE programmes, it will offer a lively, participatory way in which to engage and find out more.

In essence, the day will offer opportunities to:

Learn more about how we bring Life programmes alive-

you will be introduced to the people, relationships, methods and resources that breathe life into the Life programmes

Hear stories from practitioners who have benefited from the programme- these are likely to be stories of bewilderment, new discoveries, wee mistakes, rich conversations and celebrations

Consider how our approach could be applied in your own work setting-

LIFE programmes offer an approach that is as relevant to the chat over tea as it is to the strategic planning meeting, this event will be a chance to explore the ways in which it is applicable to your context

I look forward to the opportunity the launch event presents to explore the potential for the growth of new and existing relationships as we collaborate on shaping the future possibilities of LIFE.