Health Care Workshop Event 8th. May


‘Working in Healthcare’ workshop – Tuesday 8 May 2018.

Edinburgh Napier University, Room 2.D.04 Sighthill Campus, Edinburgh

Healthcare continues to be one of the most politically important yet divisive issues for voters and politicians within the UK. Despite the high levels of support for the NHS, the notion of a universal health care provider is seemingly under constant challenge from internal markets and of commercial providers. Likewise, the retrenchment in public sector spending since the Great Financial Crisis has resulted in real terms spending cuts on the NHS, putting greater levels of pressure on those who work in the NHS. The winter crisis on this year and the junior doctors’ strikes of 2016 have drawn attention to the increased pressures on the NHS’s service provision.

This event aims to bring together academics researching work and employment in the health and social care sectors both to discuss their work, and to provide a place to build a network of researchers interested in working collaboratively in the future.

UWS will be represented by Dr Vanesa Fuertes, Lecturer in Politics.

Please see attached for more details.