UWS School of HNM offer life guidance at local Careers Fair


Chatelherault Primary School in Hamilton hosted a Careers Fair recently to learn about a variety of vocational occupations.

UWS School of Health Nursing and Midwfiery delivered to the attendees essential life-saving skills including Basic Life Support (BLS) to improve awareness of emergency situations and to demonstrate the importance of good handwashing technique to reduce the spread of infections.

There is substantial research which supports introducing these life-skills, particularly BLS as early as possible within the school curriculum and in a safe, non-threatening  environment.

The pupils used a variety of teaching aids to learn about their bodies and these techniques; including giving kisses for teddies for the younger children and using resuscitation mannequins for the older children during the BLS sessions.

The children were an eager audience and receptive to learning how they could provide first aid help to others; and importance of hand-washing. The children were fantastic, and were all awarded with UWS bugs and stickers for taking part and all gained some confidence to be able to respond to someone collapsing in a real-life situation.

The School will also host a Careers Fair on 12th June 10am-2pm at Chancellors Hall (Paisley Campus).

(First published in ebulletin 3rd April 2018)