Professor Chapman-Jones's Work Subject of a House of Lords Debate

Our Professor, David Chapman-Jones, who works at the Hamilton Campus recently had his work discussed during a House of Lords Debate concerning wound care within the NHS on the 22nd of November 2017. The debate centred on some work undertaken by Professor Julian Guest (Kings College, London) with Professor David Chapman-Jones (UWS) contributing. See:

To provide a flavour of the debate it is estimated that the NHS across the UK managed 2.2 million patients with a wound during 2012–13 and that the annual cost of managing these wounds and associated comorbidities was £5.3 billion. 
In 2017/18, Scotland will manage approximately 300,000 wounds at a cost to NHS Scotland of £0.7 billion,  2019/20, Scotland will manage approximately 370,000 wounds at a cost to NHS Scotland of £0.9 billion.  The average size of the adult catchment population of a Scottish Health Board is 310,000 individuals. In his work, Professor Chapman-Jones estimated that in 2017/18 an average Scottish Health Board will manage approximately 22,000 wounds at a cost to NHS Scotland of £51 million. This is expected to rise to 26,000 wounds in 2019/20 at a cost to NHS Scotland of £63 million.

Following the debate, Professor Chapman-Jones was asked to attend a specially conveyed meeting again at the House of Lords to become part of a strategy group looking in more detail at the consequences of this rise.

He has also been invited to attend an expert Round Table Meeting discussing; Chronic Inflammation and Fibrosis Leading to the Development of Cancer in Epidermolysis Bullosa Clinical Research Review and Priority-setting Consensus Round Table in May 2018 in Vienna.