Help Needed for Death Awareness Week 2018

One of our partner Hospices, Kilbryde Hospice, in East Kilbride, is currently planning events for Death Awareness week which takes place from the 14th to 20th May 2018.

They are keen to engage with health nursing and midwifery students and photography and media students. The reason for this is outlined in a TED talk which you can watch below which encourages people, particularly University students to tell their story and to tell others how they feel about the prospect of their own death. This could be some years before death or in the months up to death, the context is not as important as having the willingness to speak about it.

The aim is to encourage people to talk about the possibility of death and raise death awareness overall.


The clip encourages students to interview their parents/grandparents but this message really applies to anyone willing to put aside the time to take part. The Hospice is keen to post some stories on the Kilbryde Hospice website during this awareness-raising week.

Is this something you think you can help with? If so and you want to get involved please contact Margaret Mary Cowan, Clinical Service Manager at Kilbryde Hospice. McGuiness Way, Hairmyres, East Kilbride, G75 8GJ.