Continued Improvement in Student Retention Rates Receives Scottish Parliament Recognition

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The University of the West of Scotland has been praised in a parliamentary motion for its continued strong performance in improving student retention rates. George Adam, MSP for Paisley, lodged a parliamentary motion congratulating UWS for its ongoing improvement in student continuation rates with the motion subsequently receiving support from more than 17 MSPs.

The motion follows recently published Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) statistics on annual university retention performance which shows that the percentage of students continuing their studies after their first year at UWS has been steadily increasing. Professor Craig Mahoney, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of UWS said

“I am delighted that the ongoing effort and commitment of colleagues across the University to increase student retention rates s been recognised by this parliamentary motion. The percentage of students continuing their studies after their first year at UWS has increased significantly in recent years and will continue to increase because of the positive and proactive steps we are taking to support our students. Independent statistics also show that the number of students completing their studies at UWS, and then moving into meaningful employment or further study is also increasing, particularly within six months of graduating.”

UWS takes a great deal of pride in the fact that it attracts the highest proportion of students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, particularly students from the most deprived areas. Many UWS students are the first in their families to experience higher education and the University also has a high number of mature students who have complex responsibilities such as caring for family members or are working at the same time as they study.

At the heart of UWS’s successful approach is the delivery of a personalised, flexible, supportive and student-centred learning experience, which accommodates students’ lives, responsibilities and needs to help ensure their success.

Professor Mahoney added

“We are extremely proud to be leading the way in meeting the Scottish Government’s objective to ensure more people from deprived areas go to university, but with this comes the responsibility of ensuring our students have the best possible experience and support. Our schools and professional services are focused on ensuring our students are at the centre of everything we do, so they receive the best possible education experience and opportunity to succeed. We have invested in our approach to education delivery, interactive learning studios and technology-supported learning. All UWS students benefit from our student-centred approach to learning, which impacts fundamentally on their lives and helps them achieve their ambitions for the future. I could not be more proud of our amazing students and the incredibly dedicated staff across all corners of UWS who are so committed to ensuring our students’ success.”