Introducing Westie – Our New Virtual Assistant

The University has recruited its first virtual member of staff ‘Westie’ the Chatbot – launched to help prospective students successfully apply and enrol in university.
Say hello to Westie!
Westie, engages students in two-way conversation on Facebook Messenger to support them on the path to enrolment success.
Our new virtual assistant is available 24/7 365 days a year to answer questions about UWS, student life, campus services, funding advice, housing, and more.  A product of artificial intelligence and supervised machine learning, Westie, builds on the University’s already impressive range of digital services for students. Colleagues from across the University have supported the building of the knowledge base for Westie.
Bre Edwards, the Uinverity’s Director of Student Life, said:
“One of our top priorities is to offer our existing and prospective students a very personalised experience. Automation is one of the many tools that can help us to personalise and tailor services. By interacting with students via their preferred method of communication, we are taking an innovative position in the UK to deliver timely, on-demand assistance to every student interested in pursuing postsecondary education at the university. Importantly, Westie will also be able to answer many of the frequently asked questions that we receive and will therefore free up the capacity our support teams to provide an even higher level of personalised support to those who have more complex queries and requirements.”
During the first year, as applicants ask Westie about different aspects of studying at UWS and access different areas of Westie’s ‘brain’, the automation rate will grow and Westie’s responses will refine. We are working closely with developer, Admithub on this project.