Great Team Work Cuts Cardiac Arrests


Our students have been playing their part in a team at Wishaw General Hospital which has reduced the number of cardiac arrests that occur in their Emergency Care Unit by a staggering 70 per cent.

The NHS Lanarkshire Unit was one of the pilot sites as part of the patient safety collaborative. The team were set a challenge of reducing the number of cardiac arrests by 50 per cent, but ended up smashing their target.
Calum McGregor, consultant acute physician, said:

“Due to the nature of the ECU, we can see a higher number of patients who are at risk of a cardiac arrest than in some other areas throughout the hospital. We identified a few areas to focus on to try and make our clinical observations more reliable, to recognise deteriorating patients early and to put in an appropriate response for those patients. Good teamwork was crucial, for example structured safety briefs and learning from what went well.”

The team have managed to maintain the reduced cardiac arrest rate since the project finished.Congratulations to everyone involved!

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