Something To Do After Halloween!


Just in case Halloween doesn’t provide enough opportunities for dressing up and scares, the UWS Area 52 team are running another zombie event for students on Thursday 2nd November 2017, 6pm till 8pm at the Paisley Campus.

This event is a scavenger hunt type game and the zombies are there to enhance the experience, it is not a combat game.  It is open to staff and students and we are always looking for staff to be involved, there are various roles you can play, Zombie, Human or Marshal. If you are a Marshal you will be responsible for ensuring the safe running of the game and for making sure participants stay within the restricted areas. If anyone would like to sign up please do so at

This event will take place at the University, mainly using the corridors in D, J, the bridge between E & J and H no higher than the first floors of these buildings. It is expected that all participants will remain within these areas, however as the event is open to students from all Campuses.