At the Second Healthcare Improvement Science Summer School


The Healthcare Improvement Science summer school, hosted by the University of Alicante was set up between UWS and the University of Alicante, as a direct result of our school leading on the “Improvement Science training for European Healthcare workers” (ISTEW) project,  which involved collaboration with seven other European countries.

The aim of ISTEW was to develop shared academic and practice based programmes that enable European universities to build improvement capacity and capability within their own healthcare workforce.

Based on the principle findings of the ISTEW project the aim of HIS summer school is to introduce students to the principles of improvement science. The summer school aim to help our students to understand the value of evidence-based practice and to equip them with the skills and knowledge to translate evidence into practice allowing them to undertake making improvements to care with confidence.

Eight student nurses and midwives from our School attended this year, and their trip involved visits to two Spanish Hospitals. During their visits, the students were given a tour of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology facilities, Paediatric, Surgical and Intensive Care areas. The clinical staff took time to discuss their approaches to healthcare and offered our students the opportunity to ask many questions.

Once again the programme was well-evaluated, and this year’s students have made some fantastic proposals that will be used in the development of future programmes.

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