Neonatal Students Graduate!

Another group of students have graduated with the Graduate Certificate in Neonatal Nursing. This enables them to be recognised as being Qualified in Speciality within their respective neonatal units. This is the second of three NHS Education for Scotland (NES) funded cohorts with the final cohort due to complete at the end of the year. Linda Hannah said –

Linda Hannah said –

I’m delighted that so many neonatal staff are now QIS trained which is helping to meet Scottish Government targets of at least 70% of registered neonatal nurses being QIS. Students come from all over Scotland to study part-time at UWS“.

Hearty congratulations to all!

L to R – Jane Miller, Lynn Shearer, Jane Munro (winner of the Court medal), Linda Hannah (Programme Lead), Michelle Brown, Lisa Hawkins, Laura Murray and Jacqueline Kennedy. 

Zoey Jim also attended the ceremony but was unable to stay for photographs. Unfortunately, not all of the cohort were able to attend the ceremony.