Undergraduate Programme Board: First Sub-Cluster Meeting

Staff from across all the campuses came together to celebrate the successes, discuss the challenges, and plan for the immediate, short and long-term delivery of the BSc (Hons) Professional Health Studies/ BSc(Hons) Nursing Studies programmes.


World café sessions (co-ordinated by Brian Johnston)  ensured the academic and administrative staff involved in programme delivery were able to consider a wide range of issues including the teaching and learning approaches utilised, the assessment and evaluation processes and academic achievement were discussed. Issues such as marketing, the internationalisation of the programmes, admissions, and induction; the student support mechanisms, personal tutoring and the application of engagement policy were all raised across the day.

As a first sub-cluster meeting of the Team, the experience was enjoyable and productive for those involved….the beginning of focused conversations to support further enhancement of the student experience.