Our New MSc Forensic Mental Health Programme has been Approved

We are delighted to inform everyone that the new MSc Forensic Mental Health programme was approved earlier this week and will commence in September 2017. The School have been successfully partnered in this development by the Forensic Network, whose aim is to bring a pan-Scotland approach to the planning of services, reduce fragmentation across the Forensic Mental Health Estate, determine the most effective care for mentally disordered offenders. An important part of this organisation is the School of Forensic Mental Health (SoFMH) whose function it is to address the staff teaching, training and research needs of Scotland’s Forensic Mental Health Services. They have been key in the success of this development and Tuesday’s approval event.

At the event, the development team were particularly commended for their collaborative approach. The School would particularly like to thank Dr. Helen Walker and Dr.  James Taylor for their hard work in making this such a success and Dr. Angela Dow and Hazel Shepherd for their support. We  have no doubt this will prove to be a popular programme

If you would like more details about the programme please contact Helen Walker at helen.walker@uws.ac.uk