UWS Nursing Students put SRUC Students Through Their Paces



Lucy Murray, Louise Moodycliffe & Caitlin McNeil alongside the second year Barony Arboriculture students

Our students at Dumfries Campus put students at the Barony Campus of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) through their paces when they educated them on healthy eating, diet and fitness.

Lucy Murray, Louise Moodycliffe and Caitlin McNeil, third-year student nurses from UWS gave a presentation and had some activities for the Arboriculture students at Barony to take part in. As part of their Fitness for Practice module of the UWS degree, the nurses gave a presentation on the benefits of a good diet and keeping active.

It was an interactive session, with the Arboriculture students noting what they have to eat and drink in an average day, and discussing the protein and carbohydrates in the food they consume. After the theory session, they took part in a 30-minute football game to monitor their heart rates.

Dr Shirley Tuberville, Head of Campus at UWS Dumfries Campus said:

‘Our students put on a very informative, enjoyable and educational session, outlining in an interactive way how important a part diet and fitness play, in our day-to-day quality of life.’