My Home Life Visits New South Wales.

Professor Belinda Dewar, UWS Professor of Practice Improvement and Karen Barrie, Lecturer (My Home Life) from the Institute of Healthcare Policy and Practice and My Home Life facilitator Fiona Cook have been working across the Mid-North Coast Local Health District (MNCLHD) in New South Wales, Australia.
They have been developing an understanding of current relational care practices in and across six localities and each has been working independently with a local co-facilitator to support nursing practitioners, clinical nurse educators and local managers to promote and apply the principles of relationship-centred care, appreciative inquiry and caring conversation in everyday practice situations.

The photo was taken following an additional one-day workshop to explore the strategic alignment and promotion of appreciative inquiry within the organisation.
The workshop was attended by the MNCLHD Chief Executive of Nursing Midwifery and Workforce, Steve Rodwell and the Directors of Nursing.