Our Student Fellows 2016-17


Claire Lumsden (SAUWS),  Stacey McWee (Student Fellow) and Claire Smith (Student Fellow)

The Student Fellows Scheme (SFS) was initiated by the Student Association’s (SAUWS) to enhance the student learning experience at UWS. Students are recruited on a School basis to look at the National Student Survey and other student feedback data to highlight areas where the School can improve. At UWS we now have a structure in place that consists of 2 volunteer Student Fellows in each School:

Student Fellow Research will collate all student feedback for the School and ensure that areas for improvement are passed to the correct person or committee. They will also ensure that positive areas of work are shared across programmes and Schools.

Student Fellow Campaigns will assist Student Reps to work with the data received by the Research Fellow and turn this into campaigns for positive change within the Programme and/or School. School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery (HNM), academic session 16/17, Student Fellows are as follows:

For this year the School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery (HNM), academic session 16/17, our Student Fellows are as follows:

Research  – Claire Smith, BSc Adult Nursing (year 2), Ayr Campus

Campaigns – Stacey McWee, BSc Adult Nursing (year 2), Ayr Campus.

Claire Lumsden, Student Rep Co-ordinator (SAUWS), who co-ordinates the SFS advised, as follows:

“This is the 3rd year of the Student Fellow role which was introduced to enhance the student learning experience at UWS. The work of the Fellows this year will be to explain and encourage participation in the various student feedback mechanisms such as MEQs, NSS etc., they will also be working with SAUWS to encourage participation with the Student Elections which are currently open.   It is great to have Claire and Stacey on the team for HNM, we’re very much looking forward to working with them in various ways so please look out for them and assist them while undertaking their duties.  If you would like the Fellows to come and talk to your class, please get in touch and we can organise this”.

Claire Smith commented:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my role as Student Fellow last year and am excited to be continuing in this role throughout the coming year. It is a privilege to be in a position to encourage my fellow students to participate in surveys and to be at the forefront of change in the university. I am loving my university experience and want to help all students to get the most from their experience.” 

Stacey McWee commented:

”Getting involved with the various volunteer roles within the University is a great way to really immerse yourself in University life and highlights just how much UWS has to offer. As a 2nd year nursing student, I find we often miss out on the whole University experience, particularly as we spend a lot of time on clinical placements. I’m excited to become a Student Fellow this year. I hope to increase student engagement across the campuses and encourage students to realise that their opinions really do matter”.