Are you a Final Year Nursing or Midwifery Student?


If you are, please participate in the NHS Education Scotland (NES);

Pre-registration Nursing and Midwifery Education Programmes in Scotland: Student Annual Survey 2017.

As you will be aware, your pre-registration Nursing and Midwifery Programme is funded by the Scottish Government and is reviewed annually to maintain and enhance the quality of nursing and midwifery education in Scotland. It is very important that your views as a student are included within this review in order that you can help improve the experience for future generations of students.

To participate click on the link HERE

The questionnaire is simple to complete via your laptop/PC, tablet or smartphone.  Most of the questions require only a ‘tick box’ response.

The findings of the survey contribute to joint action planning between the universities and NHS Boards to enhance the pre-registration nursing and midwifery programmes.  A similar questionnaire is also going to charge nurses, team leaders and mentors.

When completing the questionnaire you must only provide information about your education and practice learning experienceThis survey is not designed to collect information about concerns you may have about patient care or patient safety.  Our school has internal processes to deal with any concerns that you have regarding patient issues. If you wish more details about this ask any person who is a link lecturer.

Reports from this survey are produced for each university as well as for Scotland as a whole.  The overarching reports for Scotland for 2016, can be accessed here.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact your Programme Leader for assistance.