Congratulations to Dr Louise Ritchie

Dr Louise Ritchie, a lecturer and researcher working with the School and the Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practic, based within our School on the Hamilton Campus, has been awarded a Dissemination Grant from the Alzheimer’s Society.


Louise Ritchie

Dr Louise Ritchie


The small grant was provided to allow Louise the opportunity to follow up the work of the “Dementia in the Workplace” project which she completed in 2015. This new grant will develop a range of resources, informed by her study findings, to support people who may develop dementia whilst still in employment, or who may be involved in supporting an individual with dementia in the workplace (e.g. family, line managers, Occupational Health, colleagues). We will work closely with the Alzheimer’s Society on this to link in with the work they are doing supporting Dementia Friendly Employers.