Congratulations to Our First Family Health Graduate

Last week’s graduation ceremony at Paisley saw the first MSc Health Studies (Family Health) Graduate from their programme. The successful student was Paola Obbia who travelled all the way from Italy to attend the Winter Graduation at Paisley.

Paola’s dissertation looked at the early detection of pre-frailty and frailty to support active and healthy ageing in Piemonte. Focussing particularly on the attitudes and awareness of key primary care professionals to the task of identifying in advance those likely to be most at risk at home. Piemonte which is in NW Italy, bordering on France in the west and on Switzerland in the north is one of the richest regions in Italy. However, it has many mountainous and hilly regions as it borders the Alps in the north and west and the Apennines in the south making it difficult to deliver healthcare appropriately  to many rural elders which helps to explain the need for such a study.

Best wishes for the future Paola and we hope that your work proves very useful locally.



Clair Graham (Lecturer), Dr Tim Duffy, Paola Obbia, Dr Angela Bonar and Professor Paul Martin