Rememberance Day


This is of course Rememberance Day in the UK and elsewhere so as a reminder that it is not just victims of the First and Second World War that we should remember Nurse Education Today have released a Special Issue Publication on Military Veterans Health & Wellbeing. This special issue provides evidence of truly original research and innovative practice which reach out to the veteran population. The articles cover a range of topics, including the challenges facing veterans and their families; the unique demands on women veterans; and the readiness of hospital nurses for disaster response.

You can view this special edition at:

Articles within this special edition are free to download.

On a more traditional note the CBeebies channel this morning released a short but very beautiful video called “Poppies”, which you can find out about and  view at:

Fitting that it lasts just 2 minutes. It will be broadcast on Friday at 11am and Sunday at 11am as this children’s channels act of Remembrance.