Google Doodle Honours British Black Heroine


If you go to Google today you will see this image, which links you to a lot of information about one of the iconic nurses in history, whose story is often forgotten, because she lived at the same time as Florence Nightingale, was Black, not White, and was not middle classed.

In 1854, Jamaican-Scottish nurse Mary Seacole travelled to England and approached the War Office, asking to be sent as a British army nurse to the Crimea but she was refused. Despite this Seacole funded her own trip, established a hospital and earned a reputation rivalling Florence Nightingale’s, despite the challenges she faced as a woman of mixed race in the 1850s. In the Crimea, she tirelessly tended to the curing and comforting of wounded soldiers coming off the battlefield and people from all walks in need.  Mary’s legacy as an empowered healer and humanitarian continues to inspire many. For more information about Mary, go to Google and click on their Doodle, or click here: Mary Seacole Brief History