Am I Only a Student Nurse?

A Poem:


I am only a student nurse is what we often say, I am only a student nurse is what some hear, but in all honesty, that’s not true.

When we first start out we are scared to say, but time rolls on and we find we tend to pray, not for the marks we wish to gain, but for the poor souls when we feel their pain.

As the time goes on some will falter, we all find the strength from one another, and this is when we all become stronger.

Before we know our time as a student comes to an end and the next batch of fear starts to appear.

It’s all so true that the world is a scary place, but again we are never alone.

We are the ones who are there when people have no other, we are there having the privilege of seeing new life, we even have the privilege of seeing someone take their last breath – this releasing them of the pain they may be in, we can mend the broken bones, we can mend the broken skin we can even mend a broken mind. We even listen when no-one else can.

We have to ask ourselves; so am I still only a student?

By Collete Sherrit (3rd Year Student Nurse).

It’s not often that a piece of creative writing appears here so many thanks to Collette for sharing her thoughts. Collette explains

I’ve known I wanted to do nursing since I was 6 years old.  I worked in healthcare as an auxiliary and then a clinical support worker.  I decided I wanted a new challenge and applied for the Access to Nursing course and then onto the HNC in Care and Administrative practice.  I realised I was ready for University and was successful in gaining direct entry to Part 2 of the BSc Adult Nursing programme.  I’m not going to lie – it has been challenging – juggling family life and managing financially.  When I write essays I find it difficult to put thoughts down in a fluent way, I need time to think.  I was thinking about the struggles my peers and I have been through and this poem came to me – it helps me and my fellow students to keep the momentum going as we head to achieve our goal of becoming staff nurses. 

Collette selected the image, to sum up, her persona and the sentiments of the poem.

“I feel I am caring and empathetic and this picture makes me think of the extra time we have as students to spend quality time with patients and how much we appreciate that.”

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