New Partnership Born.

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture and UWS have been working in partnership to recently launch a physical activity programme for student Midwives on the Hamilton Campus.

The programme allows midwives to access all health and fitness programmes in both the leisure trust and the University over an 8 week period. Students can do fitness classes, the gym, swimming or weight management classes. They will also have 1:2:1 supervision to encourage adherence and behaviour change.

Ciaran O’Brien, Head of Sport & Student Engagement at UWS commented “We are keen for sport and physical activity to be central to the UWS experience for all of our students. We are delighted to be playing a role in this exciting pilot programme and look forward to welcoming new users to our facilities.”

Jean Watson BSc Midwifery Programme Lead UWS noted

“The content of the midwife course has a strong emphasis on caring but quite often over the 3 year degree students park their own health commitments. We hope this pilot helps with the balance of looking after both patients and the students themselves.”

Patrick Murphy of SLLC said “It’s a great partnership that helps us get future fellow health professionals engaged in physical activity and investing time on their own health”

Of the 90 students in the 3-year course over 60 have already committed to participating in the programme.



In the picture are Jonathan Fyfe and Jean Watson from UWS and Patrick Murphy and Gary Taggart from SLLC.