New School Wide Moodle Site

Today sees the launch of a new School wide Moodle site that gives staff and all enrolled students easy access to a wealth of information about the school and about the University services that are there to help everyone with their studies. The site is the culmination of one of the work streams of the School’s Academic Literacy and Digital Enhancement (ALDE) Group supported by Samantha Coulter, an eLearning Developer from the University’s  Learning Innovation Team.

The site (pictured below) has been developed to be an online centralised resource that supports all the Health, Nursing and Midwifery Programmes with the aim of reducing the amount of shared school materials being posted  across Module and Programme Moodle sites. This should lead to leaner and more focused Programme and Module sites in the future.


If you are a current student or member of staff and you want to view this new resource site go and sign into Moodle  and look for the link to the Module called HNM Programme Site 

It is hoped that in the future parts of this site will be visible to the general public as an additional marketing tool and to introduce all our potential and future students to our online learning systems.

As this is a recently developed site the ALDE team we would welcome your feedback and any suggestions for improvements. To do this please e-mail Clair Graham at