The Genetic and Ethical Implications of Family Centered Care – Actions Speak Louder Than Words!


On  Tuesday 27th September 2016, Hamilton Campus is hosting an event open to all health professionals associated with the care of the sick newborn infant and their families.

Admission to a neonatal intensive care unit is a traumatic event in the life of the infant and marks an abrupt and profound separation from the mother which is also impacted by the presence of life-threatening illness; associated medical interventions and invasive procedures. Regardless of the infant’s diagnosis and condition, the primal needs of the newborn (proximity to his or her mother, comfort, safety, minimal stress and love) are crucial for optimal outcomes, physical health and recovery from the trauma and stress.

This event aims to provide health professionals with key strategies to enable the development of knowledge and skills in this crucial area of health care. If you are interested in attending further details can be obtained from