Tony Presents at the Federation of European Physiological Societies (FEPS) & The French Physiological Society, Paris June 2016

Tony Wales, a lecturer in Adult Nursing at Hamilton Campus gave a 45 minute presentation on the Implementation of Lt(kuraCloud) into the Health Nursing and Midwifery Curriculum within our School. Tony was invited to speak at this Annual Conference by ADInstruments, the company who developed and produce LabTutor, LabAuthor, LabChart and Lt

The Conference was well attended by delegates from all over the globe with a variety of subjects relating to Physiology particularly.  The three day conference included many keynote speakers and a variety of presentations and was hosted in one the Paris Medical Schools where Marie Curie resided.

There were many enquiries from delegates who came from all over Europe, about how we have integrated Lt into the curriculum, many of these have ben utilizing the LabTutor/LabChart experiments for their physiological courses

Tony presented how Lt was developed from an original Life Science platform to the e-learning platform that is now utilised by all pre-registration nursing students.

A pilot survey was taken over a year ago with LabTutor and the students all agreed that it was an worthwhile new approach to teaching, but it involved too many experiments using the ADInstruments Powerlab .  They wanted more patient involvement.

Tony, Jack Simpson and Alison McLachlan (all from the Hamilton Campus), have been involved with this project for over two years and were then joined by other colleagues, Mark Molesworth, Tom McEwan, Nan Bryden and Pauline Robb.

Tony, Jack and Alison have been working closely with the development team both in Oxford and their HQ in Dunedin, New Zealand.  They have also been instrumental in forming the Scottish Alliance in Lt (SALt) group which is a group of Scottish Universities who meet three times a year to discuss how Lt and LabTutor can be further developed for nursing students, medical students, pharmacists and physiologists