Nursery Health Promotion Visit.

First Year student nurse Katrina Raine recently spoke to her daughters’ nursery class in support of their Health & Wellbeing element of the Curriculum for Excellence. This was supported by both Charlotte Fairley and Cate O’Kane and she talks about her experience below:

My daughter’s nursery have recently been learning about people who help others in the community as part of their Health and Wellbeing element of the Curriculum for Excellence. The nursery staff had been asking for volunteers within the community to come in and visit the children to talk to them about their role in the community in relation to promoting Health and Wellbeing. In view of this the staff asked if I would come in and talk to the children about the role of the nurse.

The staff have been teaching the children about the importance of healthy eating, exercise and effective hand washing and as such I made this the main focus of my visit. I decided to split the visit into three separate activities in order to keep the day varied and fun for the children. The first activity was a 15 minute question and answer session with the children were I asked them question about what they thought nurses do to help people, where nurses work, examples of healthy and unhealthy foods and ways we can look after ourselves and others. I then ended the question and answer session by asking the children about good hand washing techniques and the benefits of good hand washing in relation to preventing the spread of germs and infection.

For the second activity of the day I split the group into two smaller groups and set up two skills stations for the children to participate in. The first skills station was a role-play station where the children could have fun playing out the nurse-patient role. The table was set up with various things the children could play with such as stethoscopes, syringes, patient ID bands, gloves, bandages and slings. The children loved playing with the tools of the trade and had fun pretending to look after each other. The second skills station was a hand washing station with the UV lamp and germ lotions. The children took turns at applying the germ lotion and putting their hands under the UV lamp to see the areas where germs are most likely to appear. They then washed their hands so to see how good their hand washing had been and any areas that they had missed. The UV lamp was definitely the highlight of the day for the children and some very impressive hand washing was demonstrated. The final session of the day was an art and crafts activity, I printed off some nursing themed colouring in pictures and a “make your own nurse” cut out craft sheet for the children so they could end the day with a bit of creative fun.

Overall I was impressed with the attentiveness and enthusiasm the children displayed, particularly with regards to their hand washing. For me as a student nurse, the experience gave me a great insight into the positives of health promotion and it allowed me to demonstrate my ability to put theory into practice, a skill that is vital for my future practice. I had a fantastic experience and would recommend to my fellow students to get involved in any opportunities that they can out with University.”