Hello West Kilbride Primary School!

To coincide with ‘Health Week’ the Primary 6 pupils from West Kilbride Primary School, North Ayrshire spent a day visiting the School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery at Ayr Campus.

Third year nursing student Mark McEwan, Linda Bell, Louise McCallum and lecturers at Ayr Campus coordinated and delivered a series of interactive workshops allowing pupils to learn about the nursing profession and health-related issues.

The children had the opportunity to try out ageing suits providing insight into the physical and sensory effects of ageing. They carried out everyday tasks like answering the door and telephone, picking up objects from the floor and eating yoghurt to appreciate the challenges that older people face. The children commented that they learned “how hard life might be as you get older”, that they will be sure to be patient and “wait until older people have finished what they are doing, and give them more time”.

Mark delivered an informative session on dementia. The children learned about what it feels like for those affected through participation in the dementia tour in the domus facility. The feedback from the pupils illustrated that they were surprised that dementia can cause visual disturbances and that some had seen dementia friendly signage in public places but now understand what it is for.

The pupils met our resident high fidelity simulation mannequin, ‘Sim Man’ and learned about the important role of nurses in monitoring and caring for sick patients. One pupil was surprised to learn that “you have a pulse in your foot”. The pupils learned about anatomical terms for parts of the body – favourite words of the day were ‘trachea’ and ‘epiglottis.

This visit was enjoyable for all. It was great to invite children into the department to make use of the equipment enabling them to appreciate the important work that nurses do in preventing illness and promoting health. One child’s evaluation of the day was simply “nursing looks like a fun job”. John Garrity, Academic and Professional Lead at Ayr commented, “this is an excellent initiative and demonstrates our commitment to the principles of working with the local community. The level of satisfaction demonstrates the quality of teaching and learning that the school provides”.

One of the teachers mentioned that this was a “great visit, and hopes that she gets the opportunity to come again next time”.

And what did the children think about UWS, Ayr Campus? …..“I learned that this place is awesome!” Thanks P6, we think so too.