Go Team Eco Midwives!


Team Eco-Midwives from our School, were delighted to recieve a Bronze Award at yesterday’s Green Impact award ceremony. The team led by Sheona Brown worked hard on completing the environmental impact workbook and have come up with some innovative ideas to reduce waste in the future. Ideas include reusing student uniforms and tackling the waste produced through use of the clinical skills labs. Team Eco Midwives included student midwife Beth McNaughton from our 2015 cohort. Beth is based in Hamilton Campus and finds unique ways to inspire all to reduce, reuse and recycle. Beth attended the ceremony and was awarded her own certificate acknowledging her important contribution.

Team Eco-Midwives were further delighted to receive an award for Innovation for Engagement in recognition of the additional work being undertaken to meet the Corporate Strategy KPI of reducing carbon emissions. Team Eco-Midwives are going for the Silver Award in 2017.