Using Emotional Touchpoints and Photoelicitation


Staff within the School of Health Nursing and Midwifery Adult Team  have been part of a pilot project that aimed to explore the student nurse experience using innovative interviewing methods called emotional touchpoints and photoelicitation. They will be sharing their preliminary results via a poster at the UWS Festival of Learning 2016 on the 16th June. See:

Emotional touchpoints are a way of interviewing that enables us to find out about the students’ experience in a structured way.  The ‘touchpoints’ refers to particular points in their experience.  In the project students were asked to select from a range of emotional words that sum up what an experience felt like, and then asked to explain/explore why they felt this way.  An example is shown below.

Emotional touchpoints


Photoelicitation uses photographs to stimulate dialogue.  The use of images can evoke emotion, and gain more or different types of information about the student experience.  In the project students and lecturers were asked to select an image that summed up their experience of being a student nurse and their experience of using emotional touchpoints and  again discuss their choices. Preliminary findings suggest that both students and lecturers perceive emotional touchpoints to be a valuable method in opening up dialogue between lecturers and students.  It helps students to articulate their feelings in relation to an experience and students also stated they felt supported and listened to by their personal tutor. Lecturers explained how the process helped them have a meaningful conversation with students in a structured way and helped them connect with students.

To find out more, talk to the team, who are Tamsin MacBride (Lecturer, Adult Health); Kirsteen Lang (Teaching  Fellow (Adult Health); Julie Orr (Lecturer, Adult Health); Lindy Morrison (Lecturer, Adult Health); Claire Bellingham (Lecturer, Adult Health); Laura MacKenzie (Lecturer Adult Health) and Susan Rae (Lecturer, Adult Health) or go along on the 16th. June to see their poster.