Mark Presents at NETNEP16


Mark Molesworth, an Adult Nurse Lecturer based at our Dumfries Campus has just returned from the 6th International Nurse Education Conference in Brisbane Australia where he was presenting research that he and Prof. Moira Lewitt have been working on.  The focus of this research has been the learning and teaching of biosciences within practice placement settings from the perspective of student nurses.  This featured within a Symposium held at the conference on  “Bioscience education: Enhancing international Curricula through innovation and evaluation research”  which generated much interest and discussion.  The work Mark presented is related to his PhD inquiry which aims to explore these issues further. Mark and the symposium group are pictured below.


Here is what Mark had to say about the event:

“I feel very privileged to have been supported to attend this by the Dean of the School of Health Nursing and Midwifery.  The conference has expanded my understanding of nurse education at a global level and I have been deeply influenced by the pedagogical research that was presented by delegates from across the world.  I attended a total of 30 presentations from leading academics who provided a broad range of perspectives on nurse education. There are too many to mention here but I was particularly inspired by Prof. Anne-Marie Rafferty’s presentation titled Realising the benefits of investments in nurse education for better care, Prof. Tracey Levett-Jones Harnessing the power of stories, statistics and simulations: reflections on an evolving patient safety programme and ‘Get out of there’ undergraduate nurses’ experiences of bullying by Dr. Helen Courtney-Pratt.  The conference has given me the opportunity to develop strong links with colleagues from all over the world but it has also highlighted that I need to make even more effort to take advantage of the expertise that I may have previously taken for granted at UWS! Indeed, our own Prof. Billy Lauder opened and closed the conference. The chair of my symposium was Colonel (Retired) Alan Finnegan who is Professor of Nursing and Military Mental Health at the University of Chester.  Anne Waugh, Director of Academic Quality at Edinburgh Napier University, was the main protagonist in putting together the symposium and also chaired the session. You may have heard of Anne already as she authored: “Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness” and “Foundations of Nursing Practice”.  The other presenters were Dr Katherine Rogers from Queen’s University Belfast, Dr Catherine Redmond and Dr Carmel Davies both from University College Dublin.  We are all members of Bioscience in Nurse Education (BiNE) so had met previously and it was great to spend time with like-minded colleagues. BiNE is a special interest group within the Higher Education Academy and further information can be found here: 

A strong theme running through the conference was research supporting the efficacy of Inter-professional Education.  As a member of the Learning for Inter-professional Practice interest group led by Prof. Moira Lewitt and Dr Beth Cross (School of Education) I was particularly interested to note some of the examples presented at the conference.  All acknowledged the complexity and challenges of genuine inter-professional education but also highlighted the significant rewards.  I am just in the process of finalising the next meeting of the group which will take place in May so if any of my colleagues are interested please get in touch with me and I can add you to the mailing list. You can reach me at:

It was a long flight, and the six days I had in Australia flew by, but the conference was exciting and inspiring and it is an experience I will never forget.”

The next NETNEP conference will be  2 years’ time. Details have still to be announced.